Sampada Agri – 2 000m3 storage to supply irrigation system.

Sampada Agri – 2 000m3 storage to supply irrigation system.

This was one of our more significant and challenging projects. The client, Sampada Agri, required a total of 2 000m3 storage capacity to supply their irrigation system. This irrigation system provides water to roughly 19ha of strawberries, all of which are beneath tunnels. Water is supplied through drip lines, and the client installed a misting system to regulate the temperature inside the tunnels. Because the water will be used for irrigation through drip lines, the client decided that the reservoirs needed to be covered by a roof to eliminate algae growth. Taking the dome roof’s size into account, the client agreed that the best option would be four 13.7m x 3.1m connected reservoirs to keep the water levels equal in the reservoirs. 

The care and maintenance of the reservoir were also taken into account. Considering that the four steel panel dams are connected, it is easy to shut one reservoir out should there be a need for maintenance, allowing the system to still use as much water as possible from the remaining three reservoirs. It took fine planning and meticulous attention to detail to achieve this goal, as all of the reservoirs needed to be on the same level and the spacing between each reservoir had to be precise. 

After a site inspection, our team was ready to take on this challenge. Starting the project on the 10th of December 2020, the team exceeded all expectations and delivered a quality product that was neatly rounded off. Through wind, excessive rain, humidity and heat our team bested the circumstances and finished these four reservoirs ahead of schedule finishing on the 13th of January 2021 leaving the client with ample time to finish off and be ready to start irrigating on the 15th of February 2021.

Thank you to the client, Sampada Agri, for this fantastic opportunity and our installations team for doing an excellent job.



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